Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Red Hot," "Flamin' Fuschia," "Mellow Yellow," "Serene Green Scene" - what?!

"Red Hot," "Flamin' Fuschia," "Orange Glow," "Mellow Yellow," "Serene Green Scene," "Cool Aqua Blue," "Violet Varietals" - sounds more like paint samples or floral arrangements than coaching packages, right?

Well, you knew I couldn't resist bringing my love of color into descriptions of my Platinum with a Twist(TM) Intensive packages! I've been saying chocolate is not only a hormone, an antidepressant, a vitamin, a mineral, AND an aphrodisiac - now I'm saying that of color!

If you're curious about my Platinum with a Twist(TM) Virtual Intensives, just give me a quick call 425 652-1413 or email and ask for the application form.

I have room for just one more new client at the most rock bottom investment cost you'll ever see here. That's because I love to give people a real deal, and since my certification is not complete until October - at Kendall's amazing upcoming Money, Marketing and Soul(TM) Intensive (open to the public!) - I can afford to extend this generosity to you!

What makes this Platinum with a Twist(TM) is how customizable it is to your exact needs and interests, as well as your time availability. Flexibility being a real core trait of mine, it's no surprise to see my joy increase when I can shape a program to best suit each of my clients!

I have held spots open for two new clients at these prices until now, and one is going, going, gone! After that the investment level goes up.

The content we can cover in our virtual Platinum retreats is drawn from Kendall Summerhawk's Money, Marketing and Soul (TM) Blueprint. This is amazing material, and will explode your business to new heights of profitability!

Branding with Archetypes(TM)
Signature System
Profit Pyramid
Platinum Style Programs
Money Archetypes
Million Dollar Mindset
Money Mirror
How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It! (TM)

Oh, and did I mention that early deciders get a bonus? (Learned this from my mentor, Kendall!) When you decide within 2 days of indicating your interest or filling out the application form, you will receive an 8" by 10" Fine Art Giclee Reproduction of "Cloud Dance," one of the most popular of the 20 paintings I have out there available as reproductions - from me to you!

Don't miss your chance - contact me today for more details on how you might enroll in one of my Platinum with a Twist (TM) programs!

Likewise, if you have any other questions about the program, I am available for questions either by phone 425 652-1413 or email .

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