Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bonus for the early Deciders!

If you have been lingering in deciding whether to move ahead on getting started in coaching with me using Kendall Summerhawk's Money, Marketing and Soul (TM) Blueprint, wait no longer! These are awesome tools Kendall has refined over the last few years as she's worked with her Platinum groups. Kendall is always the learner, so you can count on her having cutting edge materials - and how cool to be in her certification program. I couldn't invent a better "wheel" than this, so what a privilege for me to be authorized to use her material. This is powerful magic - Kendall's systems are time honored and tested on all her clients.

There is one spot left for the rock bottom investment level you can come in on in my Platinum with a Twist (TM) program - all customizable. After that, the cost goes up. Then it goes up again after I have completed the certification process in just 2 short months, in October.

Email me at to request an application form, and you will be considered for my Platinum with a Twist (TM) Intensive. Talk about a customizable program!

And there's more! If you apply and decide by this Friday, you will receive the bonus of an 8" by 10" complimentary, signed Fine Art Giclee Reproduction of "Cloud Dance" from me to you! These reproductions are printed on fine art paper with a border, ready to mat and frame to your choosing.

If you have not seen this painting yet, you are missing out! Hop on over to my art fan page on Facebook and take a look. There are 20 available paintings available as fine art reproductions, and many on Facebook have waxed eloquently, poetically even on these works (that really are my play!).

Click here to see the paintings - enjoy!

And don't forget - you can receive a free "Cloud Dance" by being one of the early deciders!

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