Monday, October 26, 2009

Certified Money, Marketing & Soul TM Coach!

Mission Accomplished! Here I am with my business coach, Kendall SummerHawk at her MMSI event last week in Tucson, AZ, celebrating the completion of my certification process as Certified Money, Marketing and Soul TM Coach!

Together with 30-some others, I shared the stage with Kendall and was introduced to the crowd of 200 as one of her charter member CMMS coaches. (You may contact me to find out about the next training she'll be having in 2010.)

We all got more training on using our Money Archetype to find the gift and the challenge in how we interact with money in order to create more abundance, to name just one focus. The whole 4 day event with Kendall was unforgettable and something I look forward to getting more of in the near future!

Call me today at 425 652-1413 to set up your 10 minute strategy session to determine what you want to accomplish in your business using my Signature System - which includes Branding with Archetypes TM. Leave me a message with the best times to call you (if you reach my voice mail) or email me at .

I look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss my popular Half Day Private Platinum Intensive! You may book this as an in person or virtual (on the phone) retreat. Talk soon!