Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An infusion of Courage for you and your business!

Need an infusion of courage to take action on your dreams?

Sign-up's for your own special Virtual Intensive Platinum - VIP - Day are being taken now, with a special incentive of $500 off until November 15th. Then we'll schedule your day to take place before the end of the year.

Time to stop putting off your success! Call me now to get going or to clarify any questions you have.. 425 652-1413

I can't wait to see your plans, visions and dreams become a reality!

PS Content will be geared to your needs. As a Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, and Certified Money Breaththrough Method, I draw on a number of sources including @Kendall Summerhawk's Branding with Archetypes TM, Money Mirror TM, and Money Breakthrough Method TM. (Not to mention you'll be delighted with a secret bonus I have just for you when you sign up before November 15th ;D) (Hint: It rhymes with "heart!")