Monday, March 30, 2009

Announcing Sheryl and Marty's Way Cool Teleclass on the EQ-i(R) next Monday, April 6th!

Here's a quick hello to announce my first teleclass coming up in exactly one week and some hours - Monday, April 6th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. We've entitled it,

"The EQ-i (R)* in Coaching: Something to Consider?"
*An assessment of emotional intelligence

My good friend, Marty Lassen - who has been using the EQ-i (R) since 2002 - and I will bring our combined experience to this free call to discuss why you, as a coach, might want to consider adding the use of this tool to your coaching practice. And even if you're not a coach, you will find this call relevant if you are one of those folks who is intrigued by the way we work as humans.

To get the bridgeline for this call, either email Marty directly at or become a fan on my Facebook fan page for Change Artist Coaching.

The shortcut for this Facebook coaching page is .

By joining my fan page on Facebook, you'll be able to receive any updates on this event (and any future events).

We'll see you there!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read what Marty had to say about my coaching - I feel honored

Here's what Marty Lassen emailed me recently after our coaching session:

"Thank you again for today. As I pile up my gratitude list for the day, the time with you comes to mind....

I’m not sure how you do it, but when you listen there is substance to it. You are clearly present with a powerful intensity… it has depth and texture. Not quite like oatmeal, but in the same comforting and safe way!"
I am so honored, Marty - thank you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's 1st AND 3rd Friday's at 4pm - TGIF Fun Networking!

We're having the TGIF Fun Networking 1st AND 3rd Friday's now. It just seems there will be better momentum. That way if you miss one, it won't be so long until the next one.

So this Friday (a mere matter of minutes away!), March 20th, you are invited to join us. Anyone with a business who is looking to meet with like-minded individuals, all looking to share business leads, make new friends and just hang out for awhile will find this a great opportunity.

Our meetings are held in the main conference room behind the reception area on the second floor of the Meadow Creek Professional Center in Issaquah, WA. Just go north a short distance after getting off the Front Street exit. You'll drive under the freeway overpass, then turn left onto SE 64th Place into the Meadow Creek Office Park. The main building is roughly in the center of the complex and numbered 22525. Can't miss it!

But if you need a few more details and/or directions, call me on my cell 425 652-1413. If you get my voice mail, be sure to leave me your name and cell phone so I can call you right back.

Looking forward to it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Change Artist Coaching presents an ongoing networking opportunity in Issaquah, WA

Change Artist Coaching is pleased to host an ongoing networking opportunity in the greater Seattle area 1st Friday's at 4pm - in Issaquah to be exact (part of the Eastside).

To see details and directions for this upcoming event - this Friday, March 6th (hey, it's March already!) just hop on over to our fan page on Facebook. . Click on the event link there "TGIF Fun Networking" - you'll find it on the right column.

By the way, by becoming a fan on this page, I can easily send updates to you via Facebook.

If you are in the Seattle area (whether as a local or just visiting) and are interested in a face to face networking opportunity - please do not hesitate to join us!

The address is at the top of the Event page (which you can get to via the Change Artist Coaching fan page or directly by clicking on this link).

Check out our Facebook fan page and event page
- or just call me at 425 652-1413.

Looking forward to it!