Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How is your Company Brand doing?

Does your business need a facelift or a complete Brand Makeover? Branding your self and what you do can sigificantly increase your bottom line. Are you ready for that?

I can help you.

I now have a specific method to walk you through so that your company shines out in its own unique brilliance. Yes, it's the system I learned through working with my mentor, Kendall Summerhawk. And there's more than Branding - there's the whole issue of the relationship you have with money.

This past weekend a group of select women were trained by Kendall in Tucson, absorbing a content rich as well as highly interactive 4 day training to be able to teach you the exact same branding process Kendall uses with her Platinum clients.

Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on the packages (including "Platinum with a Twist" which you're really going to love) that I'll be offering immediately. The first two who sign up will get a very generous discount with some very cool bonuses - after that, the investment level will go up and the bonuses go away. (Hint: One of the bonuses is very colorful.)

Even if you're not sure if this is for you, do give me a call at 425 369-1314 or email me at so we can discuss your needs and customize a program just for you.

Looking forward to it!

PS Check back with this blog to see some new pictures taken in Tucson with Kendall last week.

PPS I have no rattlesnake stories this time, but did see a number of humming birds, flying freely high in the sky!

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